Education and Progress

Monitoring Your Child’s Progress

Personal Learning Plans
In nursery we have in place individual Personal Learning Plans (PLPs) for each child. These files are a record of your child’s achievements, work, photographs, next steps, information for outside agencies, information from home, and they are an integral part in the transition of your child from home to nursery, nursery to nursery, and nursery to school.

Your child will be assigned a Practitioner/Key Worker, and over their time with us they shall work closely with the child and family to create a learning path that is individual to each child, having regular discussions with parents and making decisions together on the next steps for your child. We are aware that as parents you are the primary educators of your child so it is important that we have your input.

Your child's file shall be handed out each term for you to look at and give us your feedback, however you may ask for your child's file or a meeting at any time.

We also work closely with outside agencies such as Health Visitors, Speech and Language, Educational Visitors and Occupational Therapists so that we can help your child achieve the goals that are set for them and help with their successful transition into the school life.