Home Link Activities

We have several initiatives in place to help you share in your child's learning experiences...

Bobby Bear

Bobby Bear has been with nursery for many years and he is very special to our children. Bobby likes to go home with every child for a couple of nights at a time and enjoys spending time with their families.

He comes equipped with his own bedding and suitcase of clothes. He also has a diary and we encourage parents to take a photo or two, and write up what Bobby and your child have been doing during his visit.

Bobby has a very exciting life and he has done everything from learning to ride a bicycle, going on holiday to Dubai and has attended many weddings, Christenings and birthday parties. But he is just as happy reading books and playing board games.

CAPER - Children And Parents Enjoy Reading

CAPER is our lending library - we have a wide variety of books that the children can choose from. Children can have as many books within the week as they like.

Our CAPER scheme encourages children and parents to spend time together reading and talking about the stories that the children have chosen. Children are encouraged to draw us pictures from their story books.

When they come back into nursery, we talk with the children about their book; we ask questions about their drawings and favourite parts in the story.

Story Sacks

To promote literacy, mark making, listening and concentration we have created our own Story Sacks which children can take home to use with their parents.

Your child chooses the sack that they would like, and within these sacks there will be a story book, possibly a reference book and an additional item linked to the story (for example, a board game, a train set, dinosaurs etc).

Children are encouraged to draw their favourite part of the story, possibly write some words and tell us what they liked. Parents are also encouraged to evaluate the story and activities within the sack.

Curriculum Sacks

An initiative created by Mrs Douglas, UNIQUE to our nursery, our 15 Curriculum Sacks are designed to encourage our home link learning in a variety of areas within the Curriculum for Excellence.

Within each sack there are a variety of different activities that will promote an area of learning. There are also ideas on how parents can continue and extend this learning once the child brings their sack back to nursery.

Sciences - Growing; Senses: Hearing; Senses: Touch
Technologies - Recycling; Sink & Float
Numeracy & Mathematics - Shape; Number 1-10; Number 1-20; Symmetry & Pattern; Seasons; Sequencing: Days/Months/Seasons
Expressive & Aesthetic - Music
Health & Wellbeing - Road Safety
Social Studies - Past & Present; Our Town.

"When parents and nursery work together, children do better" Guidance on the Scottish Schools (Parental Involvement) Act 2006